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Unifying systems. Simplifying workflows.


Who we are

Software integration & software development specialists

We are software integration and software development specialists who work with our customers in the logistics and ecommerce industries to provide business process and trading partner automation solutions.

The Old Problem

Previously, only large organisations with ample IT resources managed business-to-business data exchange integration.

Our Perfect Solution

We leverage the availability of cloud based software, meaning your organisation can interact with your customers or contacts on your terms.

Integration: Absolute Necessity

To boost your business efficiency, improve business relationship with your trading partners, and cut overheads, enabling your software integration is essential.


Where uniqueness meets excellence

We’ve transformed the integration process from complex to simple by leveraging resusable technology across various projects.
Our promise

Your integration success is our singular goal

We’ll make it work for you, no matter the size or complexity of the integration required. Your business, streamlined. No fuss, just results.

How we deliver results

Our software integration and software development specialists expertly deliver results through customised solutions, technical excellence, and a deep understanding of client needs.

Software Integration

Integrates systems, boosts efficiency, streamlines operations, and ensures seamless technological communication.

Web Portals

The purposes of these are to enhance your service efficiency for your logistics business. Expect affordability and ease of use.

Hosting Services

Hosting, supporting, and maintaining all your software solutions no matter how complex or simple they are.


Simplify container management, optimise processes, and enhance shipment tracking with our logistics solution.


The platform for ecommerce companies to automate product SKUs and orders with seller marketplaces like THE ICONIC.

Consulting Services

Tap into our expertise on anything software integrations/development and we’ll strategise before tailoring the best solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure. We simplify integration, providing our clients with easy-to-maintain. Bespoke solutions. Working together, we extend your reach to all your potential customers – no matter where in the world they are.

Our integration solutions allow organisations of all sizes to leverage our expertise, whether your infrastructure is small and complex, or global and demanding.  With our support, you’ll get there.

Cloudster Connect works across all industries, and have a particularly strong history in large-scale logistics. 

For best results we leverage from Microsoft’s cloud-based software solutions.

Cloudster Connect works to integrate software and data between logistics service suppliers, meaning customers always get exactly the information they want, when they want it.

We work with forwarders, transporters, carriers, warehouses, 3PL’s, ecommerce sellers, retailers and all other parties involved in the logistics supply chain.

Many of our customers use CargoWise One as their logistics management platform and we are deep specialists providing consulting, support, configuration and integration services to them. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a CargoWise Service Partner certified in Cargowise Integrations.

Cloudster Connect Pty Ltd is a certified WiseService Partner of WiseTech Global Products and Services—a multinational technology development company dedicated to delivering innovative, market-specific solutions to the logistics industry. WiseTech Global’s key brands include CargoWise One, a global leader in logistics technology solutions, and TransLogix, a leading supplier of transport and logistics technology solutions for Australia and New Zealand.


What clients are saying

Clients praise our expertise, innovation, and customer-centric approach, highlighting our impactful solutions in enhancing their business efficiency and growth.

"Cloudster Connect revolutionised our workflow with seamless integration. Their development expertise is top-notch, truly transformative for our business."

Peter Wilson
Happy Client
"Incredible service from Cloudster Connect! Their software integration is flawless, and development solutions are innovative, efficient, and reliable."

Kim Rowling
Happy Client

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Ready to do business? Get in touch.